My name is Dom, I am 31 years old Polish and I soon will be traveling in search of live without money and hopefully food, close to the nature in warm climate, preferably in an ecovillage.

So, after discovering all this so called conspiracies and how world operates starting from religion and finishing on politics I have been looking for a best way to unplug myself form this ill system. I’ve decided to go with an experiment and life without use of money, as I found that the central banks are the root of the evil and till the time we will not change the debt way creation of them, there will be a winner and a looser. In this actual economical situation I am participating in all wars though the payment of tax. I could withdraw myself from it, by moving to freeman on the land lifestyle, but I think there is a lot of legal fighting there, although I will defiantly be learning more about it in the country I will decide to live in.

The key of this experiment is to transform my body to live without food. Lifestyle is called breatharianism or inedia.