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Paris was overcrowded, and very busy and noisy. Two days there were totally enough. I have been to music museum and walked around this beautiful metropoly.
I was very happy to arrive to friend near Nantes. Peaceful weekend it was.
Later on I hitch-hiked through gorgeous Bordeaux to East Pyrenees where the breatharian retreat was held. The travel  was quick and pleasurable, meeting nice people on the way.
The retreat was held in a old vegan community high in the mountains very close to the Spanish border.  Most of 20 participants were French, but there was also 3 other Polish.  Felt really comfortable with the process.  Very loving focused. Working with reprogramming the bad memories and replacing them with positive affirmations made this really pleasurable.  Breathing techniques  (mainly hyper ventilation) was helpful a lot.  In the food aspect it looked like this – first day on fruits,  second on juices and the 3 days of dry (no water) and then back to the juices. I was surprised to drink juices after and really I don´t know why I didn´t refused then and stay on water as planned.  Cravings ? After the retreat more and more thoughts around food, so I started to eat, for pleasure knowing deeply that this is not source of my energy. Prayer over the food can make a big difference to the food and this intentions are very powerful.  Today 4 days after I am eating in Barcelona.  Big shock for me coming back to busy city like this. Although I am happy I made this unpredicted turn south, cos  is really lovely and Spain made a nice accent.  Today going to Venice for a day and finally to some country side for few days. Then Slovakia and the Rainbow gathering for 10 days and  Belgrade in Serbia for Sunyoga 3 day course with Umasankar.

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Be happy !