Hello all!

I am back in Poland. Such a luxury here in my dad’s house about 20 km outside Radom. This is what I needed after Serbia where I got a bit ill, when I was busy and without really proper accommodation. As much the sun yoga workshop was helpful and evolving for me, because of my most probably cravings  I had a lot detoxification going on. Sun yoga is not easy and with such busy schedule for the workshop it was a bit to much for me. Wake up 5am – then getting through the city in buses to get for 7 am for the morning meditation (when the sun was to strong for me already) then going with few buses to the hotel and listening to discourses (with 69 others in the room) then almost 2h of break and back to the conference room in the hotel. After that going to the other side of Belgrade and doing evening meditation. After that finally getting to house outside Belgrade. Yes sometimes we used taxi or somebody gave me a lift. But still for me was a bit much at the time.
I tried to hitchhike from Belgrade to Zagreb – but it wasn’t going very well. 3hours to get to the highway and 3 hours standing in the strong sun killed a calling to Croatia in me. I got to Budapest with night train and took a flight to Warsaw from where my dad had pick me up. Luxury 🙂
Now I have this comfort of doing the SUNYOGA meditation when I am not so tired. For the beginner as me it is really important. I can’t look at the sun for 30 min yet. So I am building up my confidence slowly. The Sun is not so strong either. I have 5 weeks to prepare myself because on Malta – where I will live, it will be different. I have decided to work, learn massage and practice SUNYOGA. If I want to live in a community I need money to buy a share of a land (min. 5000 Euro). Also I would need money to go and do the SUNYOGA advance course – this will be held in India in November (if I am lucky;)

Now I would like here to share with you

The Thirteen Stages of Sunyoga taught by Swamiji Umasankar

1. Conquer all material desires (sexuality, anger, greed, narrow-mindness, ego & jealousy, shame, hatred and fear).

2. Develop Divine Energy.

3. Atma Darsanam – Discovery of Atma (or Soul)

4. Samadhi – Enlighnment.

5. Conquer hunger.

6. Conquer thirst.

7. Conquer diseases.

8. Paramahansa – Adjusting the mind to all situations.

9. Having no enemies – all enemies will be friends (including animals).

10. Longetivity (this happens when the body’s vibration becomes the same as the environment’s).

11. The body’s vibration and the earth vibration will be equal.

12. The body’s vibration and the sun vibration will be equal.

13. The body’s vibration and the Universe (Supreme Soul) vibration will be equal.

So you see step 5 – conquer hunger is after samadhi – this is why I let go and I am not so focused on non eating anymore. After pranic process with Akahi I know that I can live without food. Actually I knew that long before, but now I have experimental knowledge of it. Actually I am not felling mentally ready for it. It will come in the right moment!

Be Happy !