Hello again dear friends
I would like to share few insights about my stay in Poland and now my first week  in Malta.
So as in Slovakia I had made my mind about living in a community. I have realized that I will need some money to buy a land for a share.  To do that I recognized that the best place for me now is Malta. Warm Sun, people speaking English, few friends and still Europe made it easy choice. As I knew I was relaxing in Poland. I went to south – Pieniny and Tatry Mountains. I was longing to go there. Smile was not going off my face:) I think hiking got me 😀 After that I was chilling in a country side a bit of Radom, in my father’s home. Till my dear friend came and we did a touring around North Poland starting Warsaw, Toruń, Elbląd, Malbork, Gdańsk, Sopot, Hel, Łeba,Ustka, Poznań, Łódź. Very pleasant time.  Extremely joyful loving trip.  Actually since May I am very happy –  I think it’s the best time of my life. And still continues, smoothly.
Now in Malta after a week I have found people who are creating a community here. Actually just came back from camping on our future land. Wonderful night with  Lovely brothers and sisters  from WHY NOT – non government organization www.butwhynot.org
So happy 🙂