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Poland to Malta

Hello again dear friends
I would like to share few insights about my stay in Poland and now my first week  in Malta.
So as in Slovakia I had made my mind about living in a community. I have realized that I will need some money to buy a land for a share.  To do that I recognized that the best place for me now is Malta. Warm Sun, people speaking English, few friends and still Europe made it easy choice. As I knew I was relaxing in Poland. I went to south – Pieniny and Tatry Mountains. I was longing to go there. Smile was not going off my face:) I think hiking got me 😀 After that I was chilling in a country side a bit of Radom, in my father’s home. Till my dear friend came and we did a touring around North Poland starting Warsaw, Toruń, Elbląd, Malbork, Gdańsk, Sopot, Hel, Łeba,Ustka, Poznań, Łódź. Very pleasant time.  Extremely joyful loving trip.  Actually since May I am very happy –  I think it’s the best time of my life. And still continues, smoothly.
Now in Malta after a week I have found people who are creating a community here. Actually just came back from camping on our future land. Wonderful night with  Lovely brothers and sisters  from WHY NOT – non government organization
So happy 🙂


Back to reality

Hello all!

I am back in Poland. Such a luxury here in my dad’s house about 20 km outside Radom. This is what I needed after Serbia where I got a bit ill, when I was busy and without really proper accommodation. As much the sun yoga workshop was helpful and evolving for me, because of my most probably cravings  I had a lot detoxification going on. Sun yoga is not easy and with such busy schedule for the workshop it was a bit to much for me. Wake up 5am – then getting through the city in buses to get for 7 am for the morning meditation (when the sun was to strong for me already) then going with few buses to the hotel and listening to discourses (with 69 others in the room) then almost 2h of break and back to the conference room in the hotel. After that going to the other side of Belgrade and doing evening meditation. After that finally getting to house outside Belgrade. Yes sometimes we used taxi or somebody gave me a lift. But still for me was a bit much at the time.
I tried to hitchhike from Belgrade to Zagreb – but it wasn’t going very well. 3hours to get to the highway and 3 hours standing in the strong sun killed a calling to Croatia in me. I got to Budapest with night train and took a flight to Warsaw from where my dad had pick me up. Luxury 🙂
Now I have this comfort of doing the SUNYOGA meditation when I am not so tired. For the beginner as me it is really important. I can’t look at the sun for 30 min yet. So I am building up my confidence slowly. The Sun is not so strong either. I have 5 weeks to prepare myself because on Malta – where I will live, it will be different. I have decided to work, learn massage and practice SUNYOGA. If I want to live in a community I need money to buy a share of a land (min. 5000 Euro). Also I would need money to go and do the SUNYOGA advance course – this will be held in India in November (if I am lucky;)

Now I would like here to share with you

The Thirteen Stages of Sunyoga taught by Swamiji Umasankar

1. Conquer all material desires (sexuality, anger, greed, narrow-mindness, ego & jealousy, shame, hatred and fear).

2. Develop Divine Energy.

3. Atma Darsanam – Discovery of Atma (or Soul)

4. Samadhi – Enlighnment.

5. Conquer hunger.

6. Conquer thirst.

7. Conquer diseases.

8. Paramahansa – Adjusting the mind to all situations.

9. Having no enemies – all enemies will be friends (including animals).

10. Longetivity (this happens when the body’s vibration becomes the same as the environment’s).

11. The body’s vibration and the earth vibration will be equal.

12. The body’s vibration and the sun vibration will be equal.

13. The body’s vibration and the Universe (Supreme Soul) vibration will be equal.

So you see step 5 – conquer hunger is after samadhi – this is why I let go and I am not so focused on non eating anymore. After pranic process with Akahi I know that I can live without food. Actually I knew that long before, but now I have experimental knowledge of it. Actually I am not felling mentally ready for it. It will come in the right moment!

Be Happy !

The life after the breatharian transition

Journey through France to Italy was harder then I thought. My ‘interail’ ticket was working fine till I reached Nimes. I could not buy the reservation for any long distance train. I stayed there for the night camping by the hostel. In the morning I’ve hit the road hitchhiking. Next day I was in Vincenza with my friend’s home in Little Dolomites.
Then whole day in sunny and crowded Venice, its absolutely astonishing !
Journey to Slovakia was without surprises after – about 17hours I have arrived to the Rainbow Gathering. The village of joy and freedom. Time didn’t existed there! I meet so many wonderful, amazing, interesting and inspiring people! Got so many different types of massages, healing. Although I thought I will stop eating there after few days of pause and not able to do juices I let go some cravings and ate some heavy cooked vegan food. Day after I woke up with my nose completely blocked. Not eating didn’t help much here and I still have a little running nose now (almost 2-3weeks). Acupuncture from the qi-gong master helped a bit:)  The time in the hills of Slovakia was truly beautiful. Very big gathering and now I wish I can go to the smaller – national gathering somewhere in the hot or warm climate. The felling of freedom without clothes is really nice. Specially barefeet walking!  I was expecting a bit less drugs and alcohol doo.  They don’t call ganja,hashish and mushrooms drugs. But me after using them about 12 years know now that they are drugs. I got addicted by the psychology  only. Because of them I still have a lot of toxins in my body.  I have decided that I will make more dynamic and physical (strength) exercising to wide up my meridians – through I will be able to release easier my toxins. I hope also to learn classical massage whenever I will stay for longer in one place. After that I probably go and learn acupressure and acupuncture.
On the 14th I got unexpected ride to Budapest. We have stayed with a sisters there and explore a bit this beautiful city and its thermals baths.  Belgrade was next and today is the last day of the sunyoga beginners course It is very advance and much different to the sungazing which I was doing a bit in Wales (when I got the sun sunsetting) It is difficult and although I have great opportunity to do advance course right after the beginners one, I don’t feel ready enough. Yesterday I had been detoxing a lot and had a strong headache and fever. Which was quite new for me. I was totally unable to eat. Had big felling of burn on my thong, like ashes on the end of it.  I hope to keep this practice and maybe someday go to Umasankar’s asharm in India and deeper my sunyoga and learn his acupressure technique. Tomorrow we are going to for two days thermal baths spa town, where my host works as physio therapist.

I really cannot wait when I will be able to get back to juicing. Specially alkaline smoothies (best recipe – cucumber, lime or lemon, spinach or coriander, green bell pepper, celary sticks, apple with blended avocado, sprouts,  spirulina/chlorella/maca and a pinch of sea or Himalayan salt). For now lemon water does the trick 😉
That’s it for now because the short lunch break in the discourses is finishing.

pictures on facebook

Be Happy !

France and breatharian retreat

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Paris was overcrowded, and very busy and noisy. Two days there were totally enough. I have been to music museum and walked around this beautiful metropoly.
I was very happy to arrive to friend near Nantes. Peaceful weekend it was.
Later on I hitch-hiked through gorgeous Bordeaux to East Pyrenees where the breatharian retreat was held. The travel  was quick and pleasurable, meeting nice people on the way.
The retreat was held in a old vegan community high in the mountains very close to the Spanish border.  Most of 20 participants were French, but there was also 3 other Polish.  Felt really comfortable with the process.  Very loving focused. Working with reprogramming the bad memories and replacing them with positive affirmations made this really pleasurable.  Breathing techniques  (mainly hyper ventilation) was helpful a lot.  In the food aspect it looked like this – first day on fruits,  second on juices and the 3 days of dry (no water) and then back to the juices. I was surprised to drink juices after and really I don´t know why I didn´t refused then and stay on water as planned.  Cravings ? After the retreat more and more thoughts around food, so I started to eat, for pleasure knowing deeply that this is not source of my energy. Prayer over the food can make a big difference to the food and this intentions are very powerful.  Today 4 days after I am eating in Barcelona.  Big shock for me coming back to busy city like this. Although I am happy I made this unpredicted turn south, cos  is really lovely and Spain made a nice accent.  Today going to Venice for a day and finally to some country side for few days. Then Slovakia and the Rainbow gathering for 10 days and  Belgrade in Serbia for Sunyoga 3 day course with Umasankar.

more pictures on facebook (no need to have a account to view)

Be happy !

June July 2012



All time since I have left my work was wonderful!
First the psytrance festival ‘cosmo’ full of interesting people and with that just went better and better. The floatation on the water in a big bath was a nice and quieting experience  – the best place to meditate ever 🙂 by price not for daily practice;/ maybe in dead sea someday, who knows ?

AYA weekend was full of L.O.V.E. The setting was soo pretty and peaceful. About 20 miles from London, by the canal and a lake, full of green and sunny 🙂 19 of us had really good connection full of compassion and love. Very joyful time. I was a bit scared before first sip, but it was all under control. First ceremony was like an analyse of us. No visions for most of the people, and if so very subtle. Just calmly siting or laying down and listening to the chanting and music. Very high vibrations when the gongs were playing. After they stop I had been sick for a moment, bit dizzy and had strange subtle felling of the vibration of the body. Hard to put in to the words. About 4 am the ceremony was finished and we all fall asleep. In the midday we have meet with the shaman to speak about our visions and to see how our body reacted on the medicine. I had a blockage and ‘pulsario’ as non material ball located abdominal area which was stealing my energy. On the second night we have get the block out of the way and stop the pulsario to grow. Few days after I went for a healing session and after it – I was healed 🙂 super fast medicine.


Rest of June I was in the dhamma dipa – vipassana mediation center in Herefordshire. First 2 weeks serving as a salad chef in the kitchen. Durining the 3 day break between the courses I went to Wolf Paw Tipi Village away from Hereford in Bodenham. I have visited over last 2 years quite a few villages in Wales and England but this community was the best one. People we very friendly and helpful. We have felt love from them. There are few tipis and cabins as well as a manor house anex + extra ‘law center’ in progress.

After coming back to the meditation center and sitting the 10day silent course I have developed my meditation to a higher level. It’s hard work 10 hours of observing your breath and body sensations reactions to your thoughts and  outside world. Benefits of that meditation are: clear and focused mind and beyond 🙂 strong recommendation !

Photos on my facebook

Now I am in the house with new friends meet on aya ceremony. Tomorrow evening leaving to Paris. Where the real journey starts…

plans evolving all the time

Just a small update that after France (breartharian workshop) I am going for 2 weeks to Raingbow Gathering in Slovakia, from there to Tatry and Pieniny mountains and to see my family and friends in Poland – and spending there around 3 weeks. If all works good I will fly to Malta for Permaculture workshop on the 1st September. I hope it will work out well there and stay on the ‘rock’.   But  As plans are changing all the time I will not post more of them. From now on all the post will be written in past tense.

pieces of the puzzle starts dropping into place

As time goes by I more and more think about first few weeks/months of my freedom and what to do with it.
I am almost certain that with the first weekend of June I will head on to east England to do Ayahuasca  tea ceremony. Quick after that I will go to Dhamma Dipa, Herefordshire to do Vipassana Meditation till 8th July. Third and most important stop will be breatharian workshop. For this moment I know that I will not go to St.Petersburg and try to organize it in England. If that fails, I will go to France or Spain to do 8 days transition with Akahi and Camila.
That means, I will not go to Estonia, Poland and Hungary, but I will head on to Malta a bit quicker …

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